Note from the Publishers

Generations in Lawrence.

| 2017 Q1 | Ann Frame Hertzog & Steven Hertzog

Dear Readers,

Whenever we do an issue, we try to look at our topic from various angles and unique perspectives. Unfortunately we can’t get every business that fits our topic into an issue. That is particularly true with this issue. We just do not have enough room in the printed version of the Lawrence Business Magazine to tell the stories of every business in Lawrence and Douglas County that have been handed down from one generation to the next.

With that in mind, we’d like to expand our Generations coverage in the on-line version of the magazine at to include more of our local generational businesses. We would like to invite any business that is a generational business to send in to us their own 300 word story about your business, how it was passed on from generation to generation, what your business is and does, contact info for the business including website, phone number, and address, and a photo or two to go with your story.

Email your story to

We look forward to reading your story and publishing it on-line.

Thank you.
Ann Frame Hertzog & Steven Hertzog

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