Technology Enhances Scope of Radio Broadcasting

Local radio stations are now able to reach all over the country and the world via live stream technology.

| 2017 Q2 | story by Tim Robisch, General Manager KISS-FM, The Bull and KLWN New FM & 1320

 Great Plains Media

Left: General manager Tim Robisch surrounded by “Big D and Bubba.”

Technology has changed the landscape of radio broadcasting, and anyone can have the live and local programming of New FM 101.7 and 1320 KLWN, 92.9 The Bull and 105.9 KISS FM anywhere on the planet. Those changes have enhanced the impact our local radio stations continue to make in our lives. That same technology provides national reach for shows like “According to the Record,” the longest-running radio program in Kansas, and “Rock Chalk Sports Talk,” both KLWN shows . Plus, that technology brings top national programming to our local community.

Many ask, “Has digital technology silenced the voice of live and local radio?” The answer is a resounding no! Nielson Audio’s most recent study of national listening habits show that local radio stations reach over 93% of Americans on a weekly basis and on average we spend over five hours weekly with our favorite radio stations. Our stations, and other forms of audio sources are available on via internet “streams,” however, the percentage of listening to sources like XM, Spotify and Pandora amount to less than 10% of weekly listening.

That same advanced web technology allows apps like “Tune In” to make radio stations available anywhere there is internet access. That means you can use your smartphone, tablet or computer to follow your favorite radio personality, sports team or talk show host anywhere in the country or the world for that matter via that radio stations streaming signal. Certainly a long way from plugging in an antenna and the stereotype of old time radio.

Our live local radio stations have other benefits of being nationwide via the information superhighway: They have access to high-quality programming that would otherwise not be available to our community and are tailored to our community needs. Two very popular programs, “The Clark Howard Show” on New FM 1017 and 1320 KLWN, and “Big D and Bubba Morning Show,” on 92.9 The Bull, are heard daily here in Lawrence and Douglas County while originating from their home bases in Atlanta and Nashville. Technology enables those personalities to provide us great guests and highly relevant information and entertainment that we would otherwise not be able to access. That same technology enables customization for breaking news, weather and information for our community at a moment’s notice.

 Great Plains Media

Clark Howard

Clark Howard is an excellent example of a national personality who perfectly fits our Lawrence community, its needs and its attitude. He is heard weekdays from noon until 3 p.m. on New FM 100.7 and 1320 KLWN. He is widely recognized as a “consumer champion” from his base in Atlanta, where his goal is to help everyone save money by spending less. Practical advice from his huge network and nationwide following gives our community valuable information about finances, technology, cost-conscious shopping and health we would otherwise not be able to access.

92.9 The Bull features Big D and Bubba from 6 to 9 a.m. every weekday morning, bringing unique humor, access to the top performers in country music and national accolades as the best morning show in country radio. That is only part of what Big D and Bubba bring to northeast Kansas from Nashville. In addition to live interviews and in-studio performances, we receive local news and interact with 92.9 The Bull listeners, as well as broadcasting weather information and information on Lawrence area events, shows and community issues. Whether it is information on our Jayhawks, a show at the Granada or a stage in Kansas City, Big D and Bubba bring their positive attitudes to us daily.

Technology offers a worldwide microphone for Lawrence, keeping it engaged and entertained on our special and unique community by delivering top-tier talent to us every day.

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